Thanks! You Made it Possible

Thanks to your generous donations, we were able to reach our goal of new sails. Some of you might remember that we raised money on IndieGoGo for our project. We had the chance to send out our polos to those of you who donated at that level and we are working through our giant pile of postcards that we need to get out to the rest of you.

But here is what you might not know… A couple of people continued to give outside of the Indiegogo project and we were able to do even more to make the boat very safe for our crew. Some of this was just some generous donations of some parts and pieces that we needed and some of it was money. The boat is now rigged with some new lines and equipment that will help us out a lot.

Besides the new sails, the big new acquisition was a set of cleats, lines, and pulleys that allow the boat to be single-handed. This means that I can sail the boat all by myself for those weekends when I can’t seem to find any crew. I can go out on my own and seed San Francisco and the bay area communities with just myself. It also means that if we have an incident or accident where my one other crew member falls overboard, I can easily rescue them. Don’t worry though, we’ve only rarely come back with less crew than we started with :-) .

So once again, I’d like to thank everyone who helped and contributed to our goals! You are all amazing for helping me make this possible. In fact, you can now check out our donors page to see who has given to our great project.

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