We Have a New Boat!

I can’t contain myself any more. The Story Sailboat has a new boat in its fleet. This new boat is awesome and it’ll let us expand our project, take more books, and more crew.

The original boat is a Santana 22 that has served us well for the last year. But we’ve outgrown it in a lot of ways. The problem is that we just love it so much so we’re not going to get rid of it. The Santana Story Boat is rigged just right for sailing safely and Single-Handed around the bay. This boat is going to be moved into being the boat that I use to raise awareness for the campaign in (with our new giant flag). I also think it’s going to be used for the trips where I can’t find any crew to come out with me on a book seeding weekend. Plus, while we fix up this new boat, there will be times where we won’t be able to sail it. In which case, this little boat is going to be perfect. But enough about the Santana, let’s talk about the new boat.

The new boat is a Coronado 35. We bought it about a month ago, but wanted to take it out for some test sails and fix it up a bit before we announced its existence and showed pictures. The best thing about this boat is that it’s HUGE. Because it has a center cockpit, it has two private cabins so we can take more people comfortably on our trips. There is bunch of storage on this boat so we can deliver even more books and finally start bringing enough to install our Guerrilla Libraries too. In fact, it’s almost big enough to host an entire library on the boat itself (almost).

There is a problem though. You see, we can’t live on this boat in the Marina that it’s in because they don’t allow live-aboard boats. I can’t move it where we live on a boat now, because it’s keel is too deep and it’d be stuck in the mud. I can’t move it to the marina next to us where they allow live-aboard boats because they just sold it. All this means is that we live on a boat in Redwood City, own the Santana for smaller projects, use the larger boat for bigger weekend projects with more crew, and Joey continues to live on her Catalina 27 a couple of days a week for her PHD school in Santa Cruz. In essence, we now own four boats. Can you believe that? WE OWN FOUR BOATS!! Ugh…

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