Our Donors and Supporters

I wanted to take a minute a thank all of the donors and supporters of the Story Sailboat who helped make all of this possible. So, a HUGE thank you to you all. Not only are there monetary donors listed here, but there are people on this list who made it happen in other ways such as with your encouragement, influence, and time spent talking to me about it all.

Stacy Braslau-Schneck, Sarah Houghton, Michael Perry, Mary Kuehner, John Chrastka, Eileen Taglang, Mary Ellen Bard, Mel Gooch, Adorable Trouble, Samantha Riggs, Mike and Tina Sweeney, Nicholas Schiller, Susan Broman, Ms. Friday Valentine, Katie Brothers, Julie Zeoli, Joni Savage, Erika Morris, Andrew Walsh, Jan Holmquist, Jen Waller, Kathleen Burlingame, Nancy Gannon, Janie Hermann, Lynda Kellam,Jennifer Levine, Lauren Bradley, Erin Berman, Carol Simon Levin, Manuel Escamilla, Erin Porcaro, TJ Ferreira, Ashley Burdick, Amy Rasin, Erica Findley, Holly Blosser, Brian Guenther, Renae Aguilar, Aimee Aguilar, JP Porcaro, Allen McGinley, Andrea Davis, Peter Platzgummer, Jenn Walker, Tiffany Mair, Chuck and Kajira Lehnhard, and everyone in the ALA Think Tank.

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