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Sailing to Monterey for Internet Librarian

Well, I’m excited to announce that one of the boats in the Story Sailboat fleet is sailing to Monterey for Internet Librarian!

This boat is a Catalina 27 that is currently docked in Santa Cruz that Joey uses while she taking her PHD classes at UCSC. This is one of our smaller boats because we couldn’t get our new larger boat up and ready for the extended trip in time. Its also not the original Story Sailboat from the Fundraising project on IndieGoGo because that one is WAY too small to make it to Santa Cruz from where it is now.

Because the boat belongs to Joey she will be in charge and John Chrastka and I are going to be her crew to Monterey. It’s a pretty boat and very functional and ready to go and we’re going to have a great crew. It looks like the weather is going to be perfect for the sail and it should take us between 6 and 8 hours to get there since its about 25 miles. If you’re going to be in Monterey for Internet Librarian, we might be able to take some people for a ride! Ask me about it if you see me.

I do have some bad news… Because my doctor left off his phone number on the medical form for my USCG captain’s license, I won’t be an official captain in time for the trip. That means I can’t do the fundraising that I was excited about doing at in Monterey for both EveryLibrary and the Story Sailboat. But thats ok, we’re excited to have a sailboat for a trip to Monterey no matter what!

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CA Governor is proposing to eliminate the Department of Boating and Waterways

The Department of Boating and Waterways (DBW) is critical to the future of boating in California. DBW funds launch ramp construction, loans for marina construction, construction of boating safety centers, boating safety and law enforcement programs, abandoned vessel removal, public outreach programs, and even weed control in boating areas!

If we are going to save DBW, it will take all of us letting the right people know that this is a department worth saving. How can you help? We need you to contact the Assembly Budget Subcommittee #3 on Resources and Transportation BEFORE March 28th, which is when the committee will be hearing this proposal. Here is a link that provides the contact information for the members of the committee.

Use the information below to write a letter or send an email to everyone you might know! You can also use the draft letter at the end of this document, but remember the more personalized the letter the better.

(Use this information for your emails and letters. We have attached a form letter below, but the more personalized the letter the better!)

    * DBW is completely self-funded by boater’s dollars. DBW does not rely on the State General Fund for one penny to pay for the many construction projects, programs, staff or any of its operating expenses. Eliminating the Department WILL NOT help with the State’s financial problems.
    * Boating is an economic powerhouse: Recreational boating contributes approximately $16.5 billion to the gross state product, which represents about 1.2 percent of the State’s economy and generates about $1.6 billion in state and local taxes. There are more than 8,500 recreational boating-related businesses. Recreational boating also creates over 284,000 direct and indirect jobs. DBW’s efforts are dedicated to promoting boating and are critical to ensuring the future economic health of California.
    * DBW is the primary funding source for boating infrastructure construction. Each year DBW provides millions of dollars in the form of grants and loans for private enterprises and public agencies for boating infrastructure projects. Without the availability of these grants and loans, boating infrastructure improvements and repairs will be severely hampered, along with the much-needed jobs these projects create.
    * DBW loans money that is paid back with interest. These loans generate approximately $20 million dollars in revenue each year for the Department through the repayment of principal and interest on these loans. DBW makes money for the State!
    * DBW’s safety programs save lives. Boating accidents are the second-largest type of transportation accident in the nation, exceeded only by automobile accidents, and California ranks second nationally in the number of boating accidents and fatalities. DBW has an aggressive safety outreach program, including direct financial support for law enforcement in high boating counties, that is critical to saving lives on the water.

In short, the Department of Boating and Waterways does an excellent job that has many direct and indirect financial and other benefits to the State, all without the help of the General Fund. To allow this Department to be eliminated will have a serious impact on the economy and the safe enjoyment of boating.



Insert Name/Address

Subject: I Oppose Elimination of the Department of Boating and Waterways!

Dear __________:

I am writing to express my strong opposition to the Governor’s proposal to eliminate the Department of Boating and Waterways (DBW).

The Department builds much of the states boating infrastructure, promotes boating safety, and through its various other programs ensures that the State maintains a vibrant boating environment.

Boating is a very large part of state’s economic activity and keeping DBW in place is critical to ensuring that this import piece of the economy continues to do its part to provide jobs, pay taxes, and an opportunity for families to recreate.

Please keep boating strong by saving the Department of Boating and Waterways!


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PC Sweeney’s Captain’s License

-PC Sweeney

As part of the plan to put together the actual 501(3)c for the Story Sailboat I need to get my captain’s license. I have enough days at sea since I’ve been sailing since I was 19, but I want to make sure that I have the knowledge to pass the Coast Guard Test after the class in April. My plan is to keep track of a lot of the resources I use to learn what I need to learn before taking the test. I’m going to record a lot of that here so that any of you who may be planning on getting your captain’s license can learn from my failures or my successes. Hopefully, they will be more successes than failures but we’ll see. Here’s a little background information about getting your captain’s license to start;

Types of Captain’s Licenses

OUPV (6-Pack)




Near Coastal


Near Coastal

To carry up to 6 paying passengers on uninspected vessels in inland waters

To carry up to six paying passengers on uninspected vessels up to 100 miles offshore

For more than 6 passengers on inspected and up to six on uninspected vessels on inland waters

For more than 6 passengers on inspected and up to six on uninspected vessels on inland waters and up to 200 miles offshore

Auxiliary Sailing endorsement:
For any license

Requires one additional test and 360 days sea time aboard a sailing vessel

Requires 360 days on water experience since age of 15, no offshore requirement

Requires 360 days on water experience since age of 15, with a minimum of 90 days offshore

Requires 360 days on water experience since age of 15, no offshore requirement

Requires 720 days on water experience since age of 15, with a minimum of 360 days offshore

Commercial Assistance Towing endorsement: For any license

Requires one additional test

Other requirements:

Minimum age 18

Social security number

US Citizenship not required

Other requirements:

Minimum age 18

Social security number

US Citizenship not required

Other requirements:

Minimum age 18

Social security number

US Citizenship required

Other requirements:

Minimum age 18

Social security number

US Citizenship required

Tonnage based on determined expeience:

20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1600, 3000 or unlimited tons

With an OUPV NC Endorsement, you may operate an OUPV vessel to 100 miles offshore

Additional routes: all oceans

Additional qualifications/endorsements:
Not a comprehensive list

Radar Endorsement

FCC Marine Radio Operators Permit & GMDSS

Oceans and Celestial





The test from the US Coast Guard is exceptionally hard. It turns out that the USCG test can be derived from over 14,000 questions from the Coast Guard’s list of questions. Many of these are things you should never have to know. I know that there are many things that you shouldn’t have to know because I bought all the questions and realized that many of them are completely outdated and unnecessary. As I was studying these I was thinking that there was no way that someone could memorize all these answers.

Luckily, I knew someone who had their Captain’s License and had even taught people to get their license. He explained to me that hardly anyone takes the test from the Coast Guard and instead there are schools that will teach you for a USCG test that they administer. Basically, you enroll in a course that last two weeks in a classroom setting, for 4 weeks in the evenings, or you can take it online. Throughout the course you are taught whatever it is that you need to know for the USCG approved test. You then have a year to file your paperwork. So even if you are just close to having all your sea time you can take the course and test and finish your sea time later.

After I looked into it a little bit more I found out that there are quite a few of these schools in the Bay Area to choose from. For whatever reason, the one that I liked the most was the Maritime Institute. Not just because they had the most legitimate and non-sketchy website but because they seemed to offer the most diverse options for licenses. The cost is 1,250.00 and they hold classes both online and in person all over California. I’m going to take the series in Monterey since my Crewmember Andrea lives there and said I could crash on her couch while I was taking the course. Besides, Monterey California is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Some of my future posts are going to be about what I’m learning in preparation for the test, what resources I’m using to learn, and how I’m practicing what I learn. You can follow along and learn with me! I’m excited to go on this journey with you.

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